Dec 21, 2009


Father Winter, you have just arrived and the world already feels so like you. Thick snow and thick silence, all glistening in perfect stillness. Stop, world, and listen to...nothing. ★


Girl Afraid said...

Happy Birthday, dear Bird. Fly free, take care.

Raggedy Bird said...

Father Winter nearly killed me. It was ashock to be in a country that so easily leaves its people to die and yet hails itself to the world as a caring state.
That wa smy lesson last year.
I really AM alone in crisis.
Very frightening.
I hope this year is better to me than last was.
Hugs and kisses, keep warm.
Neil. x

MeryBast said...

Awesome pictures :)


Paul said...

Hey remember me? Minsun from livejournal. Happened onto your blogspot and thought I'd say hi. Really wonderful poetry you've posted on this site. Look forward to reading more!